The pivotal moment in Victoria Police’s access and inclusion journey

Victoria Police have taken great strides to increase access and inclusion for people with disability since joining AND. A pivotal event held early last year was an AND facilitated session for Victoria Police Command that included the experiences of the Victoria Police’s Employees with disability and their allies Network, VP Enablers. The session combined the ‘why and how’ of AND’s Disability Confidence Training with the personal stories of employees with disability. This session was so successful, it sparked change across the organisation.

The discussion assisted senior leaders of Victoria Police to gain a deeper understanding and knowledge of accessibility, workplace adjustments, and employment pathways. This led them to reflect on and consider how they could become more inclusive of people with disability for existing and potential employees.

During the session, members from VP Enablers and the Victorian Government Enablers Network, shared stories of their lived experience with disability. Members of Command found the session’s combination of compelling information and authentic storytelling very powerful. The result was deeper understanding of the experiences and needs of people with disability and deeper commitment to and understanding of disability confidence.

When the attendees were asked what they liked best about the session, they said they loved how informative, thought provoking, and challenging the session was. It encouraged them to continue on their access and inclusion journey. Command members said that the session inspired them to reconsider their thinking and more actively promote inclusion of people with disability.

To keep progressing, Victoria Police will participate in the 2021 Access and Inclusion Index Victoria Police’s Comprehensive Roadmap Report will shine a light on their best practices and chart their course ahead.

One of their departments has established a working group focused on addressing the criteria within the Index and collecting evidence to support the submission.

“Following on from the session I have seen a subtle change in the culture of the organisation where the organisation is beginning to become more disability aware and becoming more proactive in finding solutions for access and inclusion.” – Natale Cutri, Co-Chair, VP Enablers

Find out more about AND’s Disability Confidence Training and the Access and Inclusion Index.

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