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Our most successful member organisations have achieved their inclusivity and accessibility goals by engaging their employees in the process. A key way we partner with you is to help you set up an Employee Resource Group (ERG).

Championing the cause

An ERG is a group of employees who volunteer to advance inclusion and make the workplace a welcoming one to people with disability. They make sure that people with disability have a voice at the table inside the business, and champion the work you do as an employer to improve inclusivity and accessibility, both inside and outside the organisation.

Ground-level impact

Whether it’s holding awareness events, working within the governance structure, consulting on accessibility action plans and workplace adjustment procedures, the ERG is an invaluable source of ground-level knowledge for every organisation, working alongside your management.

Once established, we continue to support your ERG team with tools and resources, to maintain the momentum for change so they can make a genuine impact.

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