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The Australian Disability Network is Australia’s peak body helping employers to build the confidence and capability to welcome and include people with disability as employees and as customers.

We are the only employer-led network in Australia focused on the inclusion of people with disability. We are your partner in your journey to disability confidence.

We have a network of over 450 members, which consist of  Australia’s leading businesses and institutions.

Our insights and strategies have been built over two decades of consultation with members and international experts. Our products, services, training and bespoke projects will allow you to: 


  • Confidence to welcome people with disability as employees, customers and stakeholders.
  • Skills and knowledge to help you drive and deliver your access and inclusion agenda.
  • Engagement and understanding across your whole workforce.


  • Leading organisations contributing to inclusion of people with disability.
  • A network of professionals working to enhance access and inclusion outcomes.
  • Local, national and international experts.


  • Access and inclusion barriers and opportunities across your recruitment cycle
  • Areas of strength and opportunity across your whole business
  • Customer and User Experiences for people with disability across your products, premises and services.

Our products, programs, and services

We have a wide range of services, products, and opportunities to help you build your capacity and capability, connect with others in the network and check as you progress through your journey to disability confidence:  

Build your capability and capacity

Pioneering Projects 

  • Careers Pathways Pilot: The Career Pathways Pilot aims to support employers to build their capacity to develop the leadership potential of employees with disability and reemove unintended career development barriers preventing the progression of employees with disability into leadership positions
  • Employing 100:  This project aims successfully place 100 suitably skilled job seekers with disability into roles in the Health Care and Social Assistance, and Food and Accommodation industries. It will build employer confidence and capability to employ people with disability and prepare job seekers for identified roles. 

Find out more about our pioneering projects

Increasing board representation of people with disability 

The Australian Disability Network is pleased to have partnered with with the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) to provide a series of opportunities to increase representation of people with disability in executive and board leadership positions.

These opportunities build capabilities of leaders with disability who are interested in becoming board members, as well as the awareness and disability confidence of Australian board directors, providing them the capability to welcome people with disability.

Connect with others in the network

Annual National Conference

Our annual conference is our crown event. It is your opportunity to be a part of something bigger. Connect with a community that shares and recognises your passion for access and inclusion. Share knowledge and ideas that drive change. Take action that will leave a lasting impact on your organisation and beyond.

Our audience includes CEOs, Senior Managers, Diversity Practitioners, Human Resources Professionals and WH&S Advisors, from both the public and private sectors.

Find out more about our Conference 

IMPACT 2024 Annual Conference

Positive Action Towards Career Engagement (PACE) mentoring program:

This program connects people with disability with a mentor to help navigating the job recruitment process and navigating the workplace.

Visit our PACE page if you would like to find a mentor. If you are an employer and would like to become a mentor, find out how you can get involved. 

Find a PACE mentor

Stepping Into Internship Program

This program connects students and recent graduates with disability with internship opportunities. If you are student or recent graduate, please visit our Start a Stepping Into Internship Program page to find out how you can apply. If you are an employer, find out how you can get involved.

Stepping Into Internship Program

Check your progress 

Disability Confidence Recruiter

This program identifies and removes unintended barriers to ensure an inclusive and recruitment experience. Once completed, you will receive the Disability Confident Recruiter status.

Find out more about how you can become a Disability Confident Recruiter 

Become a Disability-Confident Recruiter

Access and Inclusion Index 

The Access and Inclusion Index gives your organisation insights into the strengths and opportunities on your journey to be accessible and inclusive of people with disability.
The easy-to-use, whole of organisation tool, provides a roadmap for year-on-year progress and supports key business functions to achieve greater disability confidence and maturity.

Find out more about the Access and Inclusion Index

Access and Inclusion Index

Disability Confidence Awards Night: celebrate your achievements

Our Disability Confident Awards Night are held annually are are a  heartfelt celebration of the passion, determination and achievements of individuals and organisations who have worked hard and instigated changes to improve accessibility and inclusion of people with disability.

Disability Confidence Awards

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