Welcome to our range of online learning solutions, where you can build disability confidence with easy online access.

This training is designed to create a robust foundation for inclusive and disability confident Workforces and Management through a curated range of on demand eLearning and on-line facilitated workshops.

Exclusive Member Benefits: Australian Disability Network members enjoy special pricing. Please log in to view member-exclusive offers.

Flexible Learning Solutions: Whether you prefer self-paced eLearning modules or engaging in our facilitated online workshops, we provide the flexibility to suit your learning style:

  • Online Workshop dates and times that suit you
  • 12-months access to On Demand training via the Australian Disability Network My Learning platform.
  • Learning Management System integration with SCORM files are available for purchase.

For more detailed information, our FAQs are located at the bottom of the page.

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Our on-demand eLearn modules are jam packed with engaging, interactive and informative content to support your business on your disability confidence journey. We have modules for people across across your business, including managers, recruiters, customer facing staff members and your general workforce. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I try the On Demand modules before I buy them?

Yes, up to 5 people from the same company can access a 14-day trial.

Reach out to your Relationship Manager or contact us on 02 8270 9209 or memberexperienceteam@AusDN.org.au to arrange a trial.

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2. If I buy the SCORM file for my Learning Management System, will that include future updates?

The purchase of the SCORM files does not include future updates (e.g., for new content). Updates will be provided for a nominal fee (TBC).

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3. If I buy an On Demand licence, how long will I have access?

12 months

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4. How long do the On Demand modules take?

Disability Confident Workforces bundle

  • About Disability and Accessibility – 20 minutes duration
  • Disability Confidence is Good Business – 20 minutes duration
  • Inclusive Communication – 25 minutes duration=
  • Creating Enabling Environments – 25 minutes duration

Disability Confident Recruiters bundle

  • Inclusive Recruitment – 25 minutes duration
  • Workplace Adjustments – 15 minutes duration
  • Disability Confident Conversations – 15 minutes duration

Disability Confident Managers bundle

  • Workplace Adjustments – 15 minutes duration
  • Disability Confident Conversations – 15 minutes duration
  • Facilitating Positive Employment – 25 minutes duration

Inclusive Customer Experiences bundle

  • Inclusive Customer Experiences – 20 minutes
  • The Customer Experience Journey – 25 minutes=
  • Your Disability Confidence – 25 minutes
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5. How do I choose the right type of Workshop for my organisation?

Our Virtual Workshops are great if you have a few employees you would like to build disability confidence – you can book them into one of our regular sessions where learners can learn alongside people from other organisations. If you have up to 20 people that you’d like trained, our Workshops for Your Organisation might be a better option. You can work with our team to find a date and time that suits you.

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6. What session length should we choose?

Our 60 minute “lunch and learn” sessions cover key concepts and are designed as an informative webinar. Our 90 minute and 2-hour sessions offer greater opportunity for learner participation, including scenarios where learners can put key ideas into practice.

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7. What is the 'flipped classroom model' used in your Virtual Workshops?

Flipped classroom training asks learners to familiarise themselves with basic concepts before the Virtual Workshop session (or sessions). When you sign on for the training you’ll be sent a Pre-Reader and a Quiz link to complete prior to the session. This means that the online sessions can focus on applying key ideas through task based learning resulting in better learner engagement and knowledge retention.

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8. What content can we expect across all of your Workshops?

All our sessions include an overview of disability in Australia, our Guiding Principles, statistics, legislation and definitions alongside impacts, barriers and adjustments for people with disability.

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9. Which online platform are your Virtual Workshops conducted on?

We use Microsoft Teams.

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10. Why do you cap learner numbers for Workshops?

To support learner engagement, and to provide a psychologically safe learning environment, we have a cap of 20 learners for our 90-minute and 2-hour sessions.

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