Top 5 performers for 2020/21

Thu 15 April 2021

AND is pleased to announce the five Access and Inclusion Index top performers for 2020/21.

Our five top performers are no strangers to the Index. Since its inception in 2016 each of these organisations has appeared as one of the top Index performers, demonstrating their long-term commitment to progress access and inclusion in their place of work.

Congratulations to the five Access and Inclusion Index top performers for 2021:

2. Medibank and RMIT (tied)
4. ANZ
5. IBM

These organisations are leading the way for disability inclusion in business. Hear from some of our top performing members at this years AND Conference.

Roadmapping to an inclusive future

Organisations that engage in the Index process make consistent improvements based on previous learnings. Through the Index, organisations can easily track their progress on their journey towards disability confidence, and identify what measures worked for their organisation.

Overall, regularly participating in the Index ensures that organisations are keeping disability inclusion on their business agenda.

This year we had 28 organisations within our member network use the Index to reflect on their commitment to access and inclusion. Beyond measuring and developing internally, organisations involved in the Index assist in developing the Australian standard for the inclusion of people with disability in employment.

Each and every time an organisation participates in the Index, organisations are building their disability confidence.

Access and Inclusion Benchmark Report 2020-21 (PDF)

Access and Inclusion Benchmark Report 2020-21 (Word)

About the Access and Inclusion Index

The Access and Inclusion Index is a self-assessment tool that can help you and your organisation on your journey towards disability confidence, through:

  • fostering conversation and collaboration
  • measuring progress
  • and by shining a light on best practice and opportunities for improvement.

Self-assessment is only one way to use the Access and Inclusion Index. Organisations can also submit their assessment for AND evaluation at any time of the year. AND will score and review your self-assessment and design a customised roadmap to assist your organisation to progress your disability confidence journey.

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